Thursday, August 25, 2016

China Glaze Rebel... Fresh Prince-SS

it's been a busy few weeks! i'm still all spun around from it. after the long trip, LoLo Pawlish came for a visit, then riding lessons and a we went to a state park for a trail ride. i love all those things, but for someone like me, i get really, really exhausted. tomorrow i have the dentist, then going to meet Nephew Pawlish for the first time... then spending all day Saturday in a vegetative state :D Echo still hasn't healed completely, so i'm still only riding Tucker. he's such a sweet boy, and was super fun to take out on the trails!

we're kicking off the China Glaze Rebel collection today with Fresh Prince-SS! (press sample, kindly provided to me for review). i still cannot even believe it's time for fall polish collections :O i want summer to stick around... permanently. i know i seem to be in the minority on that one!

Fresh Prince-SS is a warm light pink creme. it's a little more muted than what you'd typically think of for summer... something to transition you over from warm weather to cooler. or for whenever :D make sure to go slow with application, it's a touch streaky to work with. i still was able to get complete opacity in two coats, however! using topcoat will help make everything completely even, plus bring it up extra shiny and help it dry... no downside :) if you don't use topcoat, it dries down to shine finish.

two coats Fresh Prince-SS, one coat FingerPaints Fast Dry Top Coat.

the China Glaze Rebel collection is available NOW :D here's where you can find it... this info is copied and pasted direct from China Glaze!

· – all 12 shades
·         Ulta / – Select 6 select shades (Holo at Ya Girl!, Jagged Little Teal, Combat Blue-ts, Dope Taupe, Fresh Princess and Y’all Red-y for This?)
·         Sally Beauty / – Select 6 select shades (same 6 as Ulta)

loads more coming, so check back often!! 

Happy Thursday! Ria :)

:: the products indicated were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

Friday, August 19, 2016

Article on Sun Protection from Dr. Papantoniou!

i got this article in my inbox right before i went on vacation, and made a mental note to share it with you guys once i got back! i spend LOADS of time outside in the sun, so i am usually wearing sunscreen on my body, and i always have it on my face. this article sharing tips from Dr. Papantoniou, a Board Certified Dermatologist, really gave me some new things to think on. i had no idea just how much sunscreen you are supposed to use... think, more is more! the fact and myth section is also great as i had no idea about the truth on any of them. of course, more opinions on the debate on just how much SPF you REALLY need are always interesting! as someone who has gone from using 100SPF to 30SPF as 30 is the highest i can find in the type i like, i'm really not seeing a huge difference. please let me know your thoughts on the article and if you'd like to see more things like this... i get sent loads, but this is one of the only ones that really piqued my interest :)



Summertime is heating up and that means another confusing trip to the sunscreenaisle. But not all sunscreens meet the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) criteria. A recent study found that 40 percent of top consumer rated sunscreens sold on Amazon did not adhere to AAD guidelines, including not being water and sweat resistant. Many others are also facing legal challenges alleging they are not performing up to their marketing claims. Board Certified New York Dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou gives you what you need to know before you lather or spray.

Do you really need SPF 50 or higher?
SPF refers to the ability of a sunscreen to block ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, which cause sunburns, but not UVA rays, which are more closely linked to deeper skin damage. Both UVA and UVB contribute to the risk of skin cancer.
Dr. Papantoniou explains that, “The SPF rating is a measure of the time it would take you to sunburn if you were not wearing sunscreen as opposed to the time it would take with sunscreen. “SPF is not a consumer-friendly number,” says Dr. Papantoniou. "It is logical for someone to think that an SPF of 30 is twice as good as an SPF of 15 and so on. But that is not how it works." According to Dr. Papantoniou, “An SPF 15 product blocks about 94% of UVB rays; an SPF 30 product blocks 97% of UVB rays; and an SPF 45 product blocks about 98% of rays. "After that, it just gets superfluous,” she says. Sunscreens with higher SPF ratings block slightly more UVB rays, but none offers 100% protection. Dr. Papantoniou recommends SPF 30 - 50 products to her patients, depending on their skin type and medical history.

How much sunscreen should you use?
You’ve probably heard people say to use an amount the size of a quarter. Wrong! You’re supposed to use a shot glass full of sunscreen on all exposed areas to get the full benefit. “And here’s something else you probably don’t know,” says Dr. Papantoniou.  “SPF only refers to UVB rays. There is no ratings scale for UVA protection. So look for the words “Broad Spectrum” on the label and specific ingredients. The most important ingredients to for UVA protection are avobenzone, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.”

DO wear sunscreens rich in antioxidants
Natural antioxidants are the latest breakthrough in sunscreens and are a safe way to boost our natural immunity to the sun's harmful rays. When layered or combined with asunscreen, they add an extra level of protection. Some known antioxidants are green tea polyphenols, vitamin C, raspberry seed oil, astaxanthin, ferulic acid and reishi mushrooms.

MYTH: Your daily facial moisturizer needs to have SPF.
FACT: “Only one of the products you use each morning needs to have SPF of 30 or higher,” says Dr. Papantoniou. “SPF is SPF, regardless of whether it’s in your foundation or moisturizer.”

MYTH:  Using multiple products with SPF gives you greater protection.
FACT: “SPF isn’t an equation,” says Dr. Papantoniou. “You can’t use an SPF 15 primer and an SPF 20 foundation and get SPF 30 coverage. Your sun protection is only as strong as your highest SPF, which in this case would be 20.” Of course, if you’re dabbing foundation or moisturizer on only small areas of your face, it’s wise to double up on products that contain SPF to ensure total coverage.

MYTH"If you're wearing foundation, you don't need sunscreen. A layer of makeup will protect your skin from the sun."
FACT: Makeup will not act as a barrier for UV rays, even if it has an added SPF. "Testing has shown that the SPF protection from a makeup product alone is insufficient. That small amount of SPF is always a nice addition, but not enough to protect your skin," says Dr. Papantoniou. Always apply sunscreen (or a moisturizer with broad-spectrum sun protection) under your makeup. If you're worried about your skin looking greasy, there are plenty of great mattifying options for the face.

Here's a reminder of how to properly protect yourself:

1. Always wear a hat and sun protective clothing if you're going to be out for long periods of time.
2. Avoid the mid-day sun.
3. Don't be tempted to use that tube of sunblock you didn't quite finish last year.  New summer, new sunblock.
4. Slather on generous quantities of sunblock at least 30 minutes before you head outdoors: To achieve the SPF level on the label, you need a teaspoon on your face, and a shot glass-worth for your body. Don't forget your ears, your lips, your hairline, and your scalp or part lines.
5. Reapply every couple of hours, especially if you've been swimming or exercising.

Dr. Kally Papantoniou is a Cosmetic Dermatologist, Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology. She specializes in Injectables, Lasers, Body Contouring, Surgical and Medical Dermatology. Dr. Papantoniou is also a clinical instructor at Mount Sinai Health Center in New York City. She applies expert techniques and the newest technologies to treat her patients. Dr. Papantoniou focuses on providing her patients with the highest level of care, with special interests in natural and healthy alternatives to treatments and disease prevention. Connect with Dr. Papantoniou  via twitter @DrPderm or her website

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vacation Nails!

i meant to put up a post to let you guys know i would be on vacation... but, per usual, it didn't happen! Mama Pawlish and i headed out to see Brother Pawlish graduate from AIT... we are SO proud of him :D he decided to head for his home in DC, but Mama Pawlish and took the long way back to our house... by way of Myrtle Beach! since we had already driven down to Georgia, Mama Pawlish wanted to hit Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on the way back because she had never been before. i'm so glad we did, i've missed the ocean so very much.

i thought i'd show what mani i did for the graduation. i did a variation on the nails i usually do... i gotta say, i just love this design so much! i used a black rhinestone at the point of a pink chevron French tip... but, a black rhinestone pretty much ends up looking exactly like black nail polish. the nice thing is, it makes a perfect circle! for the base polish i used a very sheer pink with a slight bright pink reflex :)

to punch up the mani a bit at Myrtle Beach, i added yellow rhinestones to the other points of the chevron... i love the way it turned out!

i have loads of posts to do, and i'm feeling pretty overwhelmed... i'm hoping to get more done this week and have some sitting in queue ready to go because a friend is coming to stay over the weekend! i hope you all have some fun plans this weekend, too!!

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Beauty Clearance at Target!

as usual, i've been in complete denial that i'm going to go on a trip next week. which means, as usual, i'm scrambling to make sure i've got everything i'm going to need and got myself ready to go. which i'm not. i've got to dye my hair still, which as you all know is such an annoying process!

i had to go to Target for some Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go as it is so much more simple travel with pre-moistened pads than with liquid toner. they had some awesome clearance which i just had to give you guys a heads up about!

i was delighted to find the Sonia Kashuk brush sets half off... i've been watching these since they came out and almost bought the large one multiple times at full price... $39.99! i'm so happy i only paid $19.98! the smaller eye brush set was $19.99, and is clearanced to $9.98. none of the brush sets are marked down online, so these are something you're going to have to hunt down in store! mine had quite a few of each... the cartoony drawings on the handles are weird, which may be why they didn't sell as well as her brushes usually do.

sadly, it appears Shea Moisture cosmetics are being deleted from my store... all the products are on clearance. the products on the website aren't marked down, so i have no idea if it's just my store or all Targets! the eyeshadows are marked down from $5.99 to $2.98, the eyeliners from $7.99 to $3.98.

have you seen any of these deals? are you going to go on the hunt for any? as a brush aficionado (read :: hoarder) i just had to have these!

Happy Friday! Ria :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

FingerPaints Fast Dry... Pronto Purple

yesterday was Mr. Pawlish and my 9th wedding anniversary! it's amazing how the years slip by... seems like they go quicker when you have cross country moves :D i also got my car back yesterday, the battery was the culprit of the completely dead car... but they have no idea why the battery went dead in a year old car. i'm hoping it was a fluke and i don't get stuck somewhere! i'm so very glad to have my car back <3

we're finishing up the FingerPaints Fast Dry collection today with Pronto Purple! (press sample, kindly provided to me for review). it's a warm plum purple creme shot through with a hidden blue shimmer... you can see it outside in bright light, but that's about it! it covers nicely in one coat, but i like to use two make sure everything is even and perfect. it does set up faster than other polishes, but on someone like me that struggles to get polish to dry, i still need a topcoat to get it realllyyy dry! plus, you're definitely going to want to add a shiny topcoat to this one to bring out the shinies :)

two coats Pronto Purple, one coat FingerPaints Fast Dry Top Coat.

FingerPaints polishes are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply and their website! the Fast Dry collection will only be available August-October 2016, so don't wait to jump on the ones you want :D

i'm so thankful for the opportunity to review these! i love idea of color polishes that aid in the drying process... for people like me who's nails never dry, it's just fantastic. 

Happy Thursday! Ria :)

:: the products indicated were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

FingerPaints Fast Dry... Champagne Gold

well, i had only intended to take the weekend off... but you guys know me! yesterday actually really blew my mind... my year old car was completely dead. nothing at all would work O.O so, it was towed to the dealer, and they've been looking at it today... apparently the battery only had 4 (!!) volts left on it, which explains why nothing would work. however, when they put a new battery in, the car was still saying it needed a new battery! basically, they have no idea why the original battery drained or what's going on now... so, they've still got the car, and i'm not sure when i'll get it back. which means i missed my riding lesson today... luckily, Mr. Pawlish has Thursday off so i definitely won't miss that one!

next up from the FingerPaints Fast Dry collection is Champagne Gold! (press sample, kindly provided to me for review).  it's a very light gold chrome polish... champagne describes it perfectly! as with most chromes, you will have some visible brush strokes. if that's a deal breaker for you, i just wanted you to be aware :) this is definitely the faster dryer of the Fast Dry collection on me! i used two coats, mostly just to get the most even brushstrokes possible. coat one i go for coverage, coat two i go for for perfection! to make sure all the layers were dry and to add shine, i of course used topcoat :D

two coats Champagne Gold, one coat FingerPaints Fast Dry Top Coat.

FingerPaints polishes are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply and their website! the Fast Dry collection will only be available August-October 2016, so don't wait to jump on the ones you want :D

can't believe we'll be finishing up the FingerPaints Fast Dry collection with the next post... these small collections fly by!

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

:: the products indicated were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

Friday, July 29, 2016

FingerPaints Fast Dry... Cool Coral

Mr. Pawlish had the day off today and i was planning to go the barn. so, i let him off the hook and he stayed home while i went to go on a trail ride... i ended up just having a lazy hack around the property, which was nice to build trust between Tucker and me. Mr. Pawlish was pretty happy about this as he just doesn't appreciate being at the barn nearly as much as i do :D we're doing some tv marathoning this weekend... home with my husband and dogs = a perfect weekend in my eyes!

Cool Coral is today's FingerPaints Fast Dry polish! (press sample, kindly provided to me for review). it's a orangey pink creme... almost more salmon than coral to me, but i think colors like coral, salmon, and peach have slightly different meanings to everyone. the color is beautiful, but it's a little a bit troublesome in its application. you absolutely will need two coats, because it will want to go patchy on you, and then add topcoat to make sure everything is completely smooth. i think this polish is trying to dry itself SO fast, that it causes the patchiness. however, after adding FingerPaints Fast Dry Top Coat (press sample), my manicure looks perfect!

two coats Cool Coral, one coat FingerPaints Fast Dry Top Coat.

FingerPaints polishes are sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply and their website! the Fast Dry collection will only be available August-October 2016, so don't wait to jump on the ones you want :D

have a fantastic weekend! Happy Friday! Ria :)

:: the products indicated were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::