Saturday, January 14, 2012

China Glaze For Audrey

hope everyone's weekend is kicking off to a great start! swatched my new colors on a nail wheel, having so much trouble picking which ones to wear next! so awesome seeing my friend, i wish she lived closer. my dogs were really excited to see her, too :)

today we have the famous China Glaze For Audrey. i have to say, i'm disappointed that it isn't closer to the actual Tiffany blue... it's a few shades darker than the real deal. it does have a good formula that covered nicely in two coats. these first China Glaze polishes i've been using seem to have a consistency that tends to dry lumpy... but again, that could be user error! as i continue swatching away i will keep you all updated!

just for funsies, i swatched FA on my Tiffany bag and box! i just can't force myself to throw away any of my Tiffany boxes... they ooze happiness in a little blue box :) the little bag is a closer match than the box... but i have had multiple colored bags even within the same order... seems like they could use a little quality control? i just feel like the gold standard in jewelry should be a little more consistent. the boxes, however, are always the exact same color. without further ado, here's two coats FA topped off with one coat Seche Vite!

in other news, my dogs stole a loaf of bread off the counter AND broke my mom's bowl. they have never done anything like that!! very frustrating and also scary, they could have cut themselves really badly :( guess we all get a wild hair every once in a while! Ria :)

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