Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finger Paints Asylum over OPI Catherine The Grape

hi, guys! while i've been editing i've had World's Dumbest Criminals on in the background. i've seen this episode multiple times but i never get tired of any of the World's Dumbest episodes! my dogs went and hid because i laugh so loud it freaks them out... *sigh* it's just so funny!

today from the OPI Russian Collection we have Catherine The Grape. this polish is strange... when i look at in the bottle, i hate it and i can't remember why i liked it so much. when it's on, it looks nothing like the bottle color! it turns from a dusty drab medium toned purple to a gorgeous rich plum that is close to a frost, but leans more towards a pearl. it you can see some brush strokes but i actually don't mind them, i think i'm one of the few polish fanatics that still loves a good frost! it has a great two coat formula, too! from the 2011 Finger Paints Special Effects Collection (available January 2012 from Sally's) Asylum is a fantastic flakie with predominately blue and orange flashes, but has limey green flashes from different angles!

here's two coats of CTG topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

and one thick coat of Asylum with two topcoats of Seche Vite.

the Finger Paints flakies look so much more awesome with two coats of topcoat. it amps it up from cool to drool worthy awesome! as you can tell, for some reason the flakies changed the whole look of the base polish... not sure why. i would have preferred that it stayed the same gorgeous purple, but the flakies are so awesome i can overlook it :)

haven't decided which flakie to show tomorrow, but the final polish of the five will be Twisted, the crown jewel of the whole collection! these flakies are officially a run don't walk situation... call your local Sally's first before heading out because they are flying off the shelves. my Sally's actually held all five for me when they got in a restock shipment. i didn't have to pay anything for them to hold the polishes, which is great on the off chance you hate the collection! i've heard other ladies say that their Sally's will hold new polishes as well, i hope yours does! Ria :)


  1. What is this seche vite??? U use it a lot and its beautiful. Where can u buy it at?? Tia!

  2. hi! Seche Vite is a quick drying super shiny topcoat. i'm in the US and i buy mine at Sally Beauty Supply because they have the lowest price i've found, but it's also sold at places like Ulta and Target :)

  3. Yea when I first posted thought it was the the flake color but now I reread n figured out its the clear, which I'm outta my opi clear almost, so might wanna try it out since I need a new clear anywayz :) love ur blog BTW!!

  4. thank you so much, that means a lot to me!! :)


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