Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finger Paints Twisted over OPI Suzi Says Da!

Happy Tuesday! it's BEAUTIFUL here in Virginia Beach today! went on a long walk at the oceanfront... nothing better than walking on the beach. my mom and dogs went with me, i walk the dogs and she searches for shells. sadly, not many shells today. i think we just missed the tide... but the ocean was such a gorgeous color that it made up for everything that wasn't quite perfection. plus, there was even a USN destroyer way out at sea. those are my favorites because that's what my husband was stationed on :)

on to the beauty of Finger Paints Twisted! (available January 2012 at Sally's). i layered it over OPI Suzi Says Da! (Russian Collection). SSD looks exactly like chocolate syrup. it's another one with a wretched first coat and a second that evens it out. i unfortunately had to do a third coat because i managed to hit my fingers against something. grrrrr, hate when that happens! Twisted is the rainbow flakie... it's delicious. one thick coat covered my nails in complete flakie goodness. it did dry very dull, so i went ahead with two coats of Seche Vite to make it glass shiny. *sigh* perfection.

three coats SSD topped with one coat Seche Vite (but it was very shiny on its own!)


one coat Twisted topped with two coats Seche Vite.

i do really love this one, but i'm not in love with it over SSD. of all the combos, i think OPI Midnight In Moscow is the best to use as the base color. it's dark with that subtle red shimmer to add depth... it's definitely my first choice! as to the flakies, i'm pretty well tied up between Twisted and Flashy (which is actually the one swatched over MIM). how about you guys? which base color have you liked the best? and which flakie calls your name?

Ria :)


  1. I love the twisted color, need to add to my collection!!!

  2. it is pretty fabulous! i'm thinking the best place to get it now would be ebay, i actually tried to find a back up bottle last month but they were sold out at every Sally's i went to!


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