Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nicole One Time Lime

whew, ended up going to my hometown. *shiver* so glad i don't have to stay! awesome to see my friends, though, so it was totally worth it :)

today's polish is Nicole by OPI One Time Lime. this is my first review of the brand, but not my first time actually using it. the colors are easy to work with and cover in two to three coats. the new 'Perfect Stroke' brush is AMAZING! i think i like it better than OPI 'ProWide'... and that's saying a lot. (future post :: brush breakdown!) the traditional brush is okay, about the usual... easy to work with because the polish itself is easy to work with. the new brush totally amps things up! OTL is the color of most sour apple flavored candy... not an actual apple. it's not the color of an actual lime either, the polish has a more saturated color. well... let's leave at it's a beautiful green! i used three coats, however, two would have been sufficient. as usual, i want my nails to look far more thick than they actually are! it dried really shiny, but i did top it off with Seche Vite... because it can't be too shiny!... right?

here's the swatch!

quick tip :: different types of lighting can cause this color to have a much yellower undertone.

i'm officially a HUGE fan of Nicole by OPI polishes! Ria :)

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