Friday, January 20, 2012

Nicole You're S-Teal The One

i'm so sleepy today! my dogs are lying down, after i type this i'll probably take a nap with them. gotta love those furry little heaters! Jemima (the Princess) has her own bed, Jasper bunks with me... he's my snuggle buddy :)

today we have Nicole by OPI You're S-teal The One. it's a brilliant blue foil with a slight pink reflect... i really like it... but the formula is a major let down. i used three coats, but color refused to stick to the ends of my nails! so, even before i added Seche Vite, it had the appearance of tip wear... bright light makes it even worse! i would also have liked for the reflect to show up a bit more... but that's always the wish with reflects, they are very shy! i added two coats of SV to make it superrrr shiny. surprisingly, SV did not cause the polish to shrink back very much from the nail tip... usually SV is the cause of the faux tip wear effect. the other surprise is that when i woke up today, all the SV glassy shine was gone! it basically looks like no topcoat was applied at all... can't explain that. major bums because nails can't be too shiny in my book!

i chose this swatch because it shows all the ways this polish can appear due to different lighting. metallic foil (remember that because the camera such close images, the shimmers lessen and look far more foil like in real life!), deeper blue in the shade, the anemic tip of the nail, and finally, the slight pink reflects at the sides.

somehow i'm not enjoying this color very much on this second day... maybe it's because i had a bad morning?

bottom line... when i use this bottle up, i will definitely repurchase. unless, of course, some other brand comes out with the same or similar color in a better formula! i'm always, always on the hunt for blue nail polish. i'm not sure why i like it so much, blue is not my favorite color... greY and pink are. it's just so fun and startling on nails! what colors are you guys constantly on the hunt for? Happy Friday! Ria :)

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