Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OPI Rainbow Connection

whew, husband's back at work... so i needed to head to the grocery store. i equate the grocery store with a trip to the dentist... necessary, but hateful. i compromised and went to a Target with an 'expanded' grocery section. why they didn't just turn it into a super Target i'll never know. but, it has enough to put off the dreaded grocery store for another week!

today we're looking at OPI Rainbow Connection. it's from the 2011 Muppet Collection... and a fantastic glitter! it has multiple sized hex glitters in lots of bright colors. i layered it over the basic OPI Alpine Snow so that there's nothing competing with all that sparkle! definitely a great party look... had i gone anywhere on New Year's Eve i probably would've worn this :)

this is only one coat of RC topped off with Seche Vite!

this shows a bit more of the sparkle...

hope you all have had a great day! as usual... if you like what you see, spread my link around... and if you don't like how i've been doing things, tell me why :) 

thanks, everyone! Ria :)

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