Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OPI Sparkle-icious under OPI Turquoise Shatter

great trip to Ulta, got lots of pretties! i swatched them all on nail wheels and i'm very excited to start manicuring away. the big surprise of the day was finding a CND colour and effects two pack at the military exchange! i have never seen anything but OPI in the salon... unfortunately, the saleslady didn't seem to know if they'd ever get  any more. the store is doing inventory, so i'm guessing the packs randomly showed up in some closet. the pack is from 2010... i know that because it's printed on the front of the box! happy find :)

today we have a fun manicure of shatter over glitter. the glitter is OPI Sparkle-icious topped off with OPI Turquoise Shatter. i layered one THICK coat of Sparkle over a purple base. it's made up of gold, blue, and plum glitter. it adds up to a fun party look all on its own... throwing TS on top amps it up to fab party look! the TS is nice and opaque pearl. it looks more like teal (especially because it's pearly) than a true turquoise.

one coat Sparkle under one coat Seche Vite.

one coat TS topped with one coat SV.

hope everyone enjoyed this look, i certainly had fun wearing it! Ria :)

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