Sunday, January 1, 2012

OPI Zom-body To Love

HAPPY NEW YEAR! hope everyone had a fun night and a great day to kick off the new year! i spent the day shopping... so, obviously, excellent day :)

in honor of fun times partying, today i've got OPI Zom-Body To Love. it came out around Halloween 2011 and is still available in lots of places like Ulta (my second home). it's a pretty pastel medium green with blue undertones that was pushed for Halloween because it glows in the dark. well, it does glow... for about ten seconds or less. this polish was a huge let down! the formula was terrible, super watery and at five coats my nail line is STILL visible (you can really see it on the pinky). ugh. it might work layered, but i'm not sure if it would affect the glow. i might try that later, but i'm currently really cranky about the lack of 'glow time'. this is it, topped off with one coat of Seche Vite.

and here's the glow... i actually had to keep running back and forth from my dark hallway to a lamp to 'recharge' the polish so i could even get a picture showing it glowing!

i really wish i could say... buy this! it's a run don't walk situation! sadly, it doesn't do what the box says. i do like the shade of green, if it was opaque, i'd love it... glow in the dark or not. i doubt you could get a look true to bottle color by layering since it is SO sheer.

here's to 2012! Ria :)

PS... i dated the pictures 2011, whoops! i'll probably still be messing it up in March. *eye roll*

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