Monday, January 16, 2012

Orly Galaxy Girl

so glad my husband had the day off today... it made a really nice start to my week :) think i'm going to head down to where i grew up sometime this week... not so nice! at least it'll just be for the day, then back to beach.

today we're looking at Orly Galaxy Girl, a purple and blue metallic duochrome. this is my first time ever using an Orly polish. it wasn't awful, it wasn't astonishingly great. my major complaint is that if you don't match the coats up perfectly, there is a yuck looking plum color left behind. bottom line... beautiful color, easy application (opaque in two coats), but not run around the house screaming BEST POLISH EVER good. i have a multichrome from them that i'll be swatching in the next week or two. i'm curious to see if i like that better since i have more of a handle now on how to best apply it. here's the swatches!

GG two coats, topped with one coat Seche Vite.

light ::

shade ::

 i think i would have preferred that the base color be blue with the duochrome effect purple... but blue is my favorite nail color, so no surprise there! tomorrow we'll be checking out an Essie polish... check back to see which one and how well i liked it (it's also a first try of the brand!). Ria :)

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