Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sally's Seche Vite Promo!

super short post today, i stayed up way too late last night... just watching tv. yep, i'm one of those!

went to Sally Beauty today and the sales lady told me about their great promotion... buy the top coat Seche Vite and get a free bottle of China Glaze! she was sweet enough to ring each one as a separate transaction, so i just bought all the Seche Vite they had, which was six. i go through a bottle every week to two weeks, so it'll get used up quickly :) the promotion is going on now (January 8, 2012) and ends January 31, 2012. there is a coupon code in the digital flyer on their website (Sally Beauty), you can also just pick up the coupon in the free flyer available in store. these colors will be swatched over the next few weeks! the yellow is the one i'm most excited about... it's neon highlighter colored... not that you can tell in the picture :)

i have been a hardcore OPI user for years now... but i feel the need to branch out now that i've started blogging! this was an awesome way to try a new brand, can't believe the deal is this good! if you use Seche Vite i recommend running to Sally's immediately... Ria :)

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