Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zoya Dove

Happy Wednesday! took a reallyyyy long walk on the beach today... Jemima and i were wiped, Jasper was ready for more. those are my dogs, by the way :) long walk finished off with a caramel frappucino... perfection. there is a salon next to the Starbucks which had a Zoya display in the window! i'm excited because i haven't disliked any of the Zoya polishes i've tried and the selection at my Ulta is a tragedy. can't wait to check it out, have to wait for when my dogs aren't with me, though :)

today's polish is Zoya Dove. it's exactly like a dove's coloring... a cool, soft greY cream which translates to being effortlessly chic. i used three coats to get rid of slight patchiness; it wasn't visible until you looked at it really closely... it also was only visible from a couple angles (since i tend to add an extra coat anyway, it's not a big deal). i have to say i'm completely in love. greY is my favorite color (along with pink) and it's such a light hue, i have nothing like it in my collection... all the others are much darker and most are warm tones. i have started using Seche Base under my manicures (i was using Seche Clear) which dries to a sheer pearly white... you could actually use it as a polish on its own! definitely adds a huge benefit when using colors that tend to be on the sheer side; however, i forgot to use the base on my thumb and it looks exactly like ones with the base. actually, all the Zoya polishes i've used are incredibly pigmented, so a colored base isn't necessary! now for the swatchie!

one coat Seche Base, three coats Dove, one coat Seche Vite.

this color dried Seche Vite shiny with NO SV! however, like most Zoya i've tried... it flat refused to dry! other than that, this polish checks off everything i could possibly wish for. i really can't recommend this highly enough. if you love greY or just chicness, you NEED this color in your life!... just make sure you have Seche Vite on hand to dry it.

halfway to Friday! hoping to head out to Michael's tomorrow, need to get some more polish storage! i will make a post about how i store everything once it's all put together... won't my husband have fun?! Ria :)

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