Sunday, January 15, 2012

Zoya Gemma

picked this beauty up at Ulta yesterday! if you have an Ulta near you i would suggest heading over to check out the clearance, mine had OPI, Nicole by OPI, China Glaze and Zoya heavily discounted!! (January 15, 2012) went to Target today because i had a dollar off coupon for Essie. i managed to lose the coupon somewhere in the store and then apparently the checker lost the polish at the register. grrrrr. since i wasn't charged for it, it's not a huge deal... but still irritating!

today we have Zoya Gemma. i almost didn't post the swatch because it has dents in it... but i figured it would be a good idea to show that it didn't want to dry! the formula was great, two easy coats and dried shiny. i topped it with one coat off Seche Vite. although i waited between each coat, it still stayed malleable overnight... and i can still can dent it with my fingernail! i'm really disappointed because the color is gorgeous and i'm excited to try the other colors i picked up. is there a special trick to drying Zoya?

and now, the swatch!

please excuse my cuticles, my fingers do not appreciate this cold snap! i really do adore this color, the olivey base with blue reflects is absolutely gorgeous! also, the Zoya brush seems a lot easier to work with than China Glaze... but not nearly as easy as OPI! hope you're having a great weekend, Ria :)

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