Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zoya Marley

quiet Saturday, my husband picked up a white pizza for lunch... so good! i like to just invert my favorite pizza. which means, i have cheese on the bottom and tomato slices on top. not adventurous, but quite tasty!

today yields yet another dreamboat color, Zoya Marley. i'm in awe over the opacity and color payoff of Zoya polishes... they are beautiful in the bottle and completely delicious on the nail! i used three coats to even everything out... but, i'm confident it would only take two coats if i could just get a handle on how to use these teensie little brushes! i can't believe how much i'm struggling with using traditional brushes. the big fat OPI brushes really throw off how you approach nail painting with any other type of brush. plus, the Zoya brush is tiniest one i've seen.

Marley is a light lavender with a hint of pearl essence that gives it depth. i love colors like this, and Marley stands out against competition. this is three coats (which dried fairly shiny) topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

i highly recommend picking up this polish if you see it. i just bought it on clearance at Ulta for $3.99, regularly $8! cheers to finding things on sale, Ria :)

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