Sunday, February 5, 2012

OPI Pedal Faster Suzi!

ended up going to my hometown, but luckily it was a great visit... saw family, had an awesome meal, AND saw my best friend's new house! no Sally's, but after cruising the internet... i can get the China Glaze Electropop collection a lot more cheaply from online vendors! who knew? probably everyone but me :)

continuing on with the 2012 OPI Holland collection, we're looking at Pedal Faster Suzi! today. i reallyREALLYreally love this color!! it's a divine shimmering light pink... definitely evokes thoughts of petals... such a cute play on words... and yes, i'm a geek :) the only disappointment with this polish is the opacity, i was hoping for two coats... but after three there was still a slight visible nail line and that was with starting the manicure with Seche Base. bums. of course, this was only visible on close inspection, so it won't be a deal breaker for most. it's a slightly blue toned pink, but it is really close to being a neutral tone. this color would be a perfect accent for any outfit... light pink is so ladylike and the slight silver shimmers make it more fun!

one coat Seche Base, three coats PFS!, one coat Seche Vite.

this is probably my favorite of the collection so far... but i really love pink and sparkles so i'm not at all surprised. have you've all had a fantastic weekend! Ria :)

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