Sunday, February 19, 2012

Orly Le Chateau

my husband's back! :) we went to the Virginia Living Museum today to see their reptile exhibit... it was awesome to see all of the animals! i love all animals so i was in heaven getting to pet the snakes... they had some HUGE pythons. one was albino so it was even more gorgeous... yeah, i'm just a big animal person :)

today we're looking at Orly Le Chateau. LC is a cream that is as dark as a teal can possibly be before it crosses the line to black. on the first coat it was light enough that you could tell it was actually not black... but that coat was a streaky mess. the next coat evened everything out, but made it incredibly dark. if you don't tell people it's teal and have them really examine your nail, no one is going to know! so far i'm not a huge fan of Orly, but i've got some more colors to try out so i'll keep you guys updated. this is one coat Seche Base, two coats LC, one coat of Sally Hansen clear that i hated so much i just put Seche Vite over top... before remembering that i should've taken a picture so i could actually do a review. *sigh* so that review will be coming up!

while i like the color because it appears to be a very rich black on the nail, i'm not a fan of the formula or the Orly brush. i would much rather have this color from another brand! how do you guys feel about Orly? Ria :)

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