Monday, February 27, 2012

Orly Rose Radiance

my mom recently found out she has bulging disks in her back, so today was her first day of water therapy. i was surprised that out of all the things that have been invented... the major tool for water therapy was... a noodle! i don't know if countries outside of the US have these, but they are long foam tubes that float (and look like a big fat spaghetti noodle!). it's just amazing that something so basic can be the foundation for such important work... pretty cool, huh?

today's polish is a lovely that i got from a local shop, Beauty 21. this was my first time going there... but definitely not my last! some of their polishes have been there for years, they have polishes in the old bottles that i've never even seen before! i was hoping for some duochrome or holo magic... no such luck. other people must have snapped those up :) i'm looking forward to heading back and digging through the rubble again!

on to the actual polish... Orly Rose Radiance. it's a stunning cool toned pink frost... very traditional! if you only like modern polishes, stay far away from this one. while it's not a super brushstrokey frost, it's definitely a true frost all the same! it's a one coater... but i used two. i have this feeling the world will end if i don't put at least two coats on every mani... *eye roll*. there is slightly more warmth to this polish, but with lots of pictures, lots of editing... and lots of crankiness, this is the closest it got :)

one coat Seche Base, two coats Orly Rose Radiance, one coat Seche Vite.

i got some dotting tools from Beauty 21 because they were only like $2.99... so i'm trying to do some dot flowers. it's not going so well, apparently i just don't have an innate gift for nail art. if i get something i like, i will definitely be sure to post it! hope everyone's week has gotten off to a great start, Ria :)


  1. Such a pretty color!! Hope your mom gets better with the therapy!

    1. thank you! she said it's definitely easier to do the exercises in the water, so i've got high hopes :)


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