Friday, February 17, 2012

Revlon No Shrinking Violet

lunch with a friend today at a Japanese restaurant... so good! if you live in Virginia Beach, Ichiban on General Booth has a $4.99 lunch special, you can't beat that! AND it's just as good, if not better, than going to a traditional steakhouse where they cook in front of you... without the big show. if you really want to, you can sit at the bar and watch the owner cook, but he doesn't do any tricksies. however, so worth it to pay $4.99 instead of $30.00 or more!

today's polish is a traditional Revlon named No Shrinking Violet. it's a very pretty dusty purple pearl and it has a great formula, almost opaque in one coat! added the second coat to cover one patchy spot... but, that spot was definitely my fault. my issue with this polish is it dries dull. i used THREE coats of Seche Vite on it to make it shiny... but, once i got that high shine, it's utterly gorgeous! i had to take the picture in the shade to show the most accurate coloring... and because my camera takes such hi def photos that it can make pearls look like shimmers! blessing and a curse :)

excited for tomorrow, i'm going to a Lancome lipstick launch (i'm a Lancome FANATIC), plus (!!) my husband comes home! two weeks has flown by, i'm glad he had such great time in Japan. i guess his being over there gave me such a jonesing for Japanese food... Ria :)

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