Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Revlon Poppy

fun afternoon of shopping... here's to repeating it tomorrow! i collect Build A Bears and McDonald's is having their Build A Bear happy meal toy promotion; if you collect them or have kids that do, the plushes come with a coupon for $10 off of  $30 to use at Build A Bear... awesome coupon!

CVS is having a Revlon promotion this week, buy one get one 50% off... but you are limited to only buying six in total. it's a good deal and  i'm super impressed with Revlon! i've tried a few drug store brands and this is the only one that really, really impressed me... other than Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (post on that tomorrow!).

and now what you're really waiting for... the polish! we're looking at Revlon Poppy (from their Top Speed line) today, i am absolutely flabbergasted at the quality of this polish! i've been a polish snob, only buying high end, for years and years. i did swatch some other polishes from brands like Maybelline that i got on clearance... i took those back, they were a nightmare. this color is STUNNING! it's a peachy, melony, pink... it is slightly frosty but mostly pearl, i think most people will like the finish. formula is amazing, two easy coats for full opacity... i'm telling you, it's doesn't get better than this... AND i got it for under two dollars on clearance at Rite Aid! i would suggest heading over there to check out their clearance polish, Target, too!

one coat Seche Base, two coats Poppy, one coat Seche Vite.

i really can't say enough good things about this polish... i took advantage of the CVS deal today, i'll be reviewing more Revlon polishes shortly! if they are all as good as this one... my mind will officially be blown! if that's not enough... these polishes retail for under five bucks! Ria :)

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