Friday, February 24, 2012

Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure So Much Fawn

Happy Friday! looking forward to hanging out with my husband this weekend, we're going to go line dancing with friends on Saturday night. i've never been line dancing but i'm supersupersuper excited because i love any kind of dancing :)

today we're checking out Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure So Much Fawn. formula is awesome! almost a one coater... probably one thick coat is all that's necessary, but i'd much rather use less and have two smooth coats. i have no clue on the name... this isn't fawn colored at all! at least if by fawn you're thinking baby deer. this is a very dusty rose/mauve... it's a browned out rose, but definitely not actually brown! this is a very work appropriate color (in my opinion!), unless you work somewhere that has a natural nail rule.

two coats SMF, one coat Seche Vite (except my middle nail, which i somehow missed a spot so it had to have a second coat!)

weekends are grand, aren't they? Ria :)


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    1. thank you! i highly recommend this line of Sally Hansens, they have yet to let me down! :)


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