Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zoya Edyta vs. Revlon Mistletoe

i'm picking my husband up from the airport in a couple hours! woohoo!! :)

today we are comparing Zoya Edyta to Revlon Mistletoe. i'm astonished how similar these polishes are... down to the formula! both are shimmery olive greens that require two buttery coats for full opacity. i have no idea why Revlon chose to name their polish Mistletoe... it doesn't remind me of mistletoe at all! these greens are far too yellow toned... olive is a far more accurate description. these polishes are almost identical... Mistletoe is the slightest bit darker, Edyta has a lot more gold shimmers in it. they both have smatterings of holographic microglitter... at least i think it's holo, it might just be red and green glitters! i really don't think you need both unless you are really into these types of colors. these are so close but i think i prefer Edyta, it feels more rich to me because it's pure shimmer, whereas Mistletoe looks a tudge patchy.

two coats on each respective finger, topped off with two coats Seche Vite to really bring out the shimmers! the shimmers wouldn't photograph nicely at all, it just looked like gold... the photo below is true to life, in the light it's just more shiny!

so what do you guys think? which would you choose or would you buy both? Ria :)


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    1. i was going to get rid of one, but I couldn't choose.... that slight difference is enough for me!


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