Friday, March 16, 2012

China Glaze Electrify

today was a little bit of a buzz kill! i've been super excited for the past couple weeks waiting for the craft show at the conference center here in Virginia Beach... it was not so great. there wasn't that many vendors and there wasn't any food. what's a craft show with no funnel cakes?! i did get some great jewelry, so all was not lost... but i was hoping for much more. especially with a cover charge of six bucks. there were so many booths selling clothes to fit American Girl dolls, are those becoming popular again? i still have my Felicity doll, she lives in our living room. she was one of the best presents i ever received as a child... one that whenever i think back on opening i still smile like a little kid :)

today we are checking out China Glaze Electrify from the 2012 Hunger Games collection. it's a gorgeous glitter with tiny gold and large red hexagonal pieces. i was able to achieve complete opacity in three coats! the formula is a bit thick so you do have to allow for some dry time... while the top dries really quickly the middle wants to stay squooshy. the good news is it dried smooth so there was no need for a top coat!

one coat Seche Base, three coats Electrify.

sparkles! :D

i'm a huge fan of total glitter manis, so this polish is a big win for me. having nails that sparkle and grab attention are worth the annoyance of glitter that wants to take up permanent residence in your cuticles! Ria :)

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