Monday, March 12, 2012

China Glaze Fast Track

does anyone else occasionally get in a brawl at Walmart? i had to buy a new sonic toothbrush and my mom noticed that the sticker on the bottom of the box was marked $25 LESS than the scanned price. this started a whole production which finally culminated in the store manager getting mad at the department head... the sticker  had the same SKU as the product, so it was clearly not a mistake. one employee even tried to pick the sticker off! i about lost it >.< why can't things just ring up correctly!?

i have a couple of the China Glaze 2012 Hunger Games polishes that i will be showing you guys over the next few days... i thought i'd be much more in love with the collection than i am, so i didn't purchase too much of the collection. today's polish is Fast Track, a beigey nude with gold shimmers. the shimmers reflect SLIGHTLY green and orange, it's really a gorgeous polish! it's not quite light enough to be mannequin hands, which makes it a good alternative for people who can't quite stomach that trend. the formula was great, two coats. i made the second coat fairly thick to make sure there was no visible nail line... as i'm sure you've noticed, that makes me want to puke (ladylike, i know).

two coats FT, one coat Seche Vite.

this is such a chic color... you can't go wrong with colors like this. it's not the most special or original color, but it's definitely in the family that i will always pick up from collections. hope your Monday is a happy one! Ria :)

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