Thursday, March 15, 2012

China Glaze Harvest Moon

eeeeek there's a guy on tv with the ability to turn his head 180 degrees! it's extremely creepy looking... and the video was taken in a grocery store! i sincerely hope i never come across him while shopping... i hate buying groceries enough as it is... that is just yucky. *shiver*

Harvest Moon from the 2012 China Glaze Hunger Games collection is a sneaky stunner. in the bottle it doesn't look like much, and while inside (even on the nails) it's pretty but nothing special, your run of the mill copper. when you go outside it transforms into this gorgeous, shimmering, metallic dream! i'm so glad i decided to try it out, once i got it home i was completely fooled by how boring it looks in the bottle. it has a great formula, two coats that almost applied themselves... if you did a super thick first coat, you could probably get away with just the one.

two coats Harvest Moon, two coats Seche Vite (to bring out as much shimmer as possible)

while i don't like this one quite as much as China Glaze Riveting, it's close... definitely another must buy from the collection. it's not your average copper, the amount of sparkle it has outside is mouthwatering. don't judge this one from the looks of the bottle inside a store! Happy Thursday, Ria :)

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