Sunday, March 4, 2012

Julep Meryl under Julep Oscar

went to visit family yesterday, two and a half hours each way is such a pain in the rump! i used to love car trips, but now they drive me nuts. so good to be with everyone again, though :)

today starts off Julep polish reviews, first up is Meryl and Oscar! since i got a greY and a glitter in my first box, i had to try those first (of course!!). Meryl is a gorgeous medium toned greY cream... effortlessly chic. it's a color i think of as elephant greY... like the color of the crayon you'd use to color an elephant in a coloring book! i was hoping to need only one coat, but the formula was much more suited to using two thin/medium coats. the formula is a little bizarre... at first you think you don't have much polish on the brush, but as you swipe the brush more appears (i guess it slides down from the top). it was a bit prone to bubbling, but this could have been more from my utter lack of comprehension of the formula (one coat of Seche Vite evened everything out, no bubbles to be seen)! the brush is super similar to a China Glaze brush, quite long and thin. since i'm a big fan of the short fat brushes, i was a bit disappointed. however, upon thinking about the brush versus bottle ratio, it completely makes sense... you need a long brush to be able to reach the bottom of the bottle!

layered over Meryl is Oscar, a super dense gold glitter. for this manicure i used two medium coats of Oscar over my base of Meryl. i think three coats would make this opaque on it's own... in the pictures you can see a touch of Meryl showing through, but in person you really can't see Meryl at all. putting it over a darker color added a lot of depth to the mani, especially since this glitter had chunky look by itself. surprisingly, it dried pretty smooth! i (as always) added a topping of Seche Vite, just to really bring out all the shinies :) i love manicures comprised of complete glitter, and this one was no let down! personally, i wear stuff like this all the time, but it'd be a great look to wear to a ball or formal dance... adds that extra bit of zing.

one coat Seche Base, two coats Meryl, one coat Seche Vite.

two coats Oscar, finished off with one coat SV.

i'm looking forward to trying the other four polishes i got, i'm hoping that there aren't any letdowns. while i wasn't blown away by the formula or colors, these are solid polishes that i'm glad to add to my collection. plus, i think the bottles are so pretty! i generally only display my OPI bottles, but i think i might make my top shelf a Julep shelf. hope you've all had amazing weekends! Ria :)

(ps, please excuse the spelling of Juelp in the url... i had already published the post and locked in the url before i realized i had make such a goober boo boo!)

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