Saturday, March 10, 2012

Julep Charlotte under Julep Melissa

i got my March box from Julep today! the topcoat i used for today's mani is what locked me into buying the box... it's so delicious. this box came like the usual boxes, large with crinkly paper and the polishes wrapped in paper and ribbon. the treatie that came with the polishes is a nail file, i will probably just give it away because i only use the big fat Revlon file (can't remember the actual name)... i'll have to do a review on it!

the colors i used for the mani are Julep Charlotte under Julep Melissa. Charlotte is a pretty warm lilac cream with some greY undertones (it's a little more greYed out than the swatchie shows)... it's probably a very dupe-able color, but the formula is a winner! it's another one coater with a weird formula, it does take a few strokes to even everything out... but this one didn't want to bubble like some Juleps! i think it's a great polish, if you are looking for a medium toned purple cream this one's a good option. the polish finish was far more shiny than it looks in the picture, i put Vaseline cocoa butter gel body oil on my cuticles and it matted down the finish. i hate it when that happens!

Melissa is an outstanding duochrome that flashes from light teal to purple, adding it over Charlotte really amps up the visibility of the purple flash. some people won't want this one because is it does have a frosty finish with some brushstrokeyness... but it is a true duochrome! i'm always drawn to these colors, they are just so beautiful.

one coat Seche Base, one coat Charlotte, one coat Seche Vite.

one coat Melissa, finish the whole mani off with one coat Seche Vite.

the teal is the more visible color, i wanted the swatchie to show the purple that you get from different angles. this is one where i love to just sit and stare at my nails! if you love duochromes, i think it's worth giving this polish
 a shot to see if you can get past the frost finish. i hope everyone is having a great weekend... my husband is super happy because his Saturday and Sunday night watches got cancelled! Ria :)

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