Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 Julep Easter Mystery Box

i was so excited to get my Julep mystery box in the mail yesterday! Julep has promotions all the time, but i think i miss most of them because they are not promoted through email... and i don't 'hang out' on their Facebook page. the shtick with this was, you paid the usual $19.99 for the box (you had to use a coupon code off of... what else?... Facebook) and you got between $60-$200 or so worth of product. since you're basically buying a pig in a poke, i wasn't sure what to expect. here's what i got!

the packaging was adorable, and it happened to be in my blog colors! i just love pink and lime together, but i can't decorate with it much anymore because for some reason my husband just isn't into pink :D i was a bit disappointed because i received another bottle of Julep Melissa (but since i love it, i'm sure it'll get used) and a bottle of Basecoat (the words are combined on the bottle... it looks strange, right?)... i'll give it a try, but i wish i'd gotten the top coat instead! i'm super loyal to Seche base and top coat products... we'll see how Julep stacks up! i did get two polishes i don't have and a bottle of their Essential Cuticle Oil... i'm excited to try the oil because it doesn't have a nasty smell like a lot of others. reviews on everything will be coming up!

left to right :: Basecoat, Marisa, Cuticle Oil, Brooke (missing some because i did a mani before taking pictures!), Melissa

the extra treaties are candy and another nail file... the chocolates are tasty and i'll throw the file in my pocketbook for emergencies! did any of you take advantage of this deal? if you did, tell me what you got below OR if you blogged about it, please paste in the link! Ria :)

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