Friday, April 20, 2012

Essie Steel-ing The Scene

the restaurant we had lunch at today is next to a K-mart, so of course i had to go in and check the clearance polish! they had two Sally Hansens i didn't have and Rimmel is buy one get one 50% off this week, so i got two of those... they have a much bigger selection of Rimmel polish than i've seen anywhere else. hooray for discounts! :D

the polish we are looking at today is Essie Steel-ing The Scene. it's a champagne frost... and it is VERY frosty. the formula is okay, it's opaque in two coats but it does dry super streaky. unless you're a huge frost lover, i would say skip this one... i'm just not in a frosty mood today, i guess, because i usually dig frosts! when you are outside the brushstrokes are much less noticeable and a subtle shimmer appears... i wish the camera had picked up on the shimmer... too bad you can't be permanently outside while wearing this one!

two coats STS, one coat Seche Vite.

the more i keep looking at my nails the more i seem to be liking this one... am i talking myself into it? Happy Friday!! Ria :)

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