Sunday, April 15, 2012

Julep Marisa

it hasn't rained for a while here in Virginia Beach, so it was DUSTY out while we were horseback riding. my friend had called yesterday to give me a heads up, i wore a bandana... never expecting to use it. big old clouds were rolling up from under the horses hooves, so i spent most of the ride looking like a bank robber... which was highly amusing to me!

today's polish is the other Julep i received in my 2012 Easter Mystery Box, Marisa. this is a gorgeous deep blue with a subtle shimmer... and it's opaque in one coat! the formula was a bit runny, i didn't really care for it... but since it's a one coater, i suppose it balances out a bit. it's a lovely color and something i certainly would have picked out for myself at a store, but it's not anything new or extraordinary... it's probably very dupable. if i find a dupe in my stash, i'll be sure to post it!

one coat Seche Base, one coat Marisa, two coats Seche Vite.

i used two coats of Seche Vite because i smudged my middle finger a bit... but it's absolutely stunning with the extra topcoat! more Seche Vite is seldom a bad thing! Ria :)


  1. Just found your blog-this color is stunning! FYI-you may want to disable your word verification-my poor old eyes can't see the letters and you may get more comments!! Just a thought!

    1. thank you for letting me know! i had no idea they were on, i guess it's automatic... they should be turned off now. i have a terrible time deciphering those, as well! :D


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