Thursday, April 5, 2012

Julep Niecy

i am astounded at the price increase in flea/heartworm medications for dogs! they have at least doubled in price since i last bought them (around three months ago). i'm even more frustrated because my vet is out of stock of my dogs' normal heartworm meds, so i had to get a different brand for this month. i hope they have the normal meds back in before we move!!

last up of my April Juleps is Niecy, a super hot pink cream. i'm so annoyed because it's a yucky day and i can't fully enjoy how bright Niecy is! the day might be annoying, but this polish is gorgeous :) i went ahead with two coats on my swatching hand, but one coat was sufficient for my right hand. the difference is simply that my nails with two coats look thicker, more like fake nails. if you don't like that look (i happen to love it!) then one is all you'll need. after really eyeballing the one coated nails, i think you can maybe make out a slight nail line on some nails... but nobody is going to be looking that closely! i'm sure most people would not even see it on themselves... i just happen to be super picky :)

one coat Seche Clear, two coats Niecy, one coat Seche Vite.

how is it possible that yesterday was a dreamy beach day and today is cold and rainy?! the weather is being seriously bipolar lately... i'm putting my order in now for more beach days! Ria :)


  1. It looks gorgeous! And so glossy*!

    1. it's an amazing polish... and Seche Vite makes everything even better! :D


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