Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Julep Penelope

i'm so excited, i bought my own horseback riding helmet today! :D the last time we went the helmet i got was smelly... SO gross. of course, i had to buy the pink helmet with a horse on it... that's just my personality :)

today we are checking out Julep Penelope, a light pink cream. it leans slightly peach and indisputably is a beautiful color. my issue is the opacity, it is quite sheer for a Julep polish. i did only use two coats, but i can see that i must have picked up quite of bit polish each swipe because a good chunk is missing out of the bottle! if you only like opaque polish, definitely skip this one... especially since it's not an unusual color, i'd imagine it's easily dupe-able... i'll check through my stash and see if i have a dupe myself.

one coat Seche Clear, two coats Penelope, one coat Seche Vite.

this is the first Julep i've tried that i've been disappointed in... it's not terrible, but because of the small bottle (with a big price tag!) it's a color i would only use when doing a french tip and only need one coat. this bottle had the new Julep brush... i can't believe that when i finally got used to using the original brush they changed it... *sigh*

hope everyone's week has gotten off to a great start! Ria :)

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