Monday, April 2, 2012

Julep Renee

it was cold and windy here this morning... where did that come from!? we've had such a balmy winter that any weather that smacks of being cold sends all us Virginians scurrying into our homes (or in my case, Target). i actually wore a sweater today! which is surprising because i'm generally one of those weirdos who never even wears a coat :)

i'm delighted to be showing off Julep Renee today! what a gorgeous light lavender cream... outside it's a bright, super pale purple and inside it appears more greYed out. and, lovely of lovelies, it's opaque in one coat! the formula is the usual Julep, practically applies itself... once you've gotten a handle on the brush. the brush in this one is the original Julep brush... i think i might like it better than the new one! i just shot an email to Julep to see what the deal is with the different brush, i'll report back once i hear from them.

one coat Seche Clear, one coat Renee, one coat Seche Vite.

this is such a perfect Easter color... makes me think of Easter eggs. it's a perfect alternative to actually boiling eggs and dyeing them! Ria :)

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