Friday, May 18, 2012

Basically... Travelling With Polish

finally on our way to California! we got going about five hours later than we had planned on... but that's not completely unusual :D i'm super happy because we got to grab a pizza with one of my brothers that i thought i'd only get to see tomorrow! the internet at this hotel is bananas, i can't get the wireless to play nice with my laptop... >.< so i'm posting this technically a day late (i wanted to post every day for a year) but since i haven't gone to sleep yet, i can still count it... right?

i'm just going to do a quick post today and show you how i packed for the trip... as a blogger and avid polish enthusiast :D can't let two weeks go by without changing up my mani all the time... you guys might be the only ones who understand that is extremely necessary :) i brought...

cotton balls and acetone (the big jug, of course!).

a bag full of nail essentials... i think i'll go into this piece by piece tomorrow!

and, of course, loads of polish. i reuse shopping bags (Ulta's are great because they are heavy duty!) and sort by brand, and i'll use sandwich baggies for individual collections that i want to review as a whole... not fancy, but super easy to use!

not pictured is my lap tray... that didn't get brought into the hotel tonight, i'll probably edit a picture of it into this post after i get a chance to snap one!

once i get settled into my new place, i plan on doing some storage and collection posts... those are some of my favorites to read from other bloggers! Happy Weekend! Ria :)

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