Monday, May 28, 2012

Civilian Nails Of The Week... Kacie!

hey, everyone! if things go as planned, we should be in our new place on Wednesday... i can't believe it! i'm so ready to be there :)

today is Monday... and time for our Civilian Nails Of The Week! this week's gorgeous nails belong to Kacie... and they are all natural!  she doesn't even need to do anything to them in order for them to be this fabulous... i'm awed and amazed :D Kacie isn't a big fan of polish, but occasionally will opt for a clear coat just to give them that extra shine... with nails that like this, polish is certainly nothing more than optional!

Kacie, thank you so much for sharing your lovely nails with us! your wedding set is seriously stunning, too :D

if any other nail civilians would like to share their nails with the nail blogging world, i'd love to showcase the photos! shoot me a quick email at 

tomorrow's post will be a haul... i found an Ulta in Salt Lake City, Utah and was able to pick up the MIA Zoya Arizona... and a slew of clearance polish! Ria :)

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