Monday, May 21, 2012

Civilian Nails Of The Week

travelling is going well, we are currently in Ohio! we were going to do a really long drive today... but then thought, why make ourselves miserable? so we cut the drive in half by doing two shorter days :D yesterday involved major trauma because we got off the bus from New York City at the wrong stop... so we were stuck somewhere in New Jersey that wasn't where our hotel was... and there weren't any buildings or anything to give us any sort of idea where to tell friends to come find us! i confess, i had a slight meltdown. the stress of moving to the opposite side of the country finally caught up with me, i guess. today was great, though, a nice drive and then we met up with my husband's aunt (whom i was meeting for the first time). she's an absolute doll who happens to have gorgeous fingernails! and that brings me to today's post...

seeing her beautiful nails inspired me to begin yet another series... however, despite the name, i doubt these will be weekly. i've decided to feature people with beautiful nails (natural, polished, nail art...) who don't blog or work in the nail industry (nail civilians!)... i meet so many ladies with amazing nails that are just screaming to be photographed for posterity! 

without further ado, here are her nails!

can you believe those babies are natural? not only that... she does nothing to them to encourage them to grow! she might just have my dream nails :D 

is this how you'd like your nails to grow naturally? if not, what would you prefer? Happy Monday! Ria :)

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