Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Julep Fina

i was trying to start crocheting a bag today and i just couldn't get the pattern going... so frustrating. i'm currently on the hunt for a new pattern, i've got a mental block on this current one! my fave pattern source is Crochet Spot... they have loads of free patterns in addition to ones you can purchase :)

on to the nail polish! today we have Julep Fina... a blue with an AMAZING formula. it was one easy, easy coat for full opacity... the drawback for most ladies will be that Fina has a frost finish. it's an absolutely stunning icy blue, i've gotten lots of compliments on it! it does show some brushstrokes, but they aren't super noticeable like  in some frost polishes. it would make a great winter polish, it totally evokes thoughts of ice and cold.

one coat Julep Basecoat, one coat Fina, one coat Seche Vite.

is this a polish you'd try or would the visible brushstrokes completely turn you off? i love it, it almost seems to glow with all the light it reflects! Ria :)

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