Friday, May 4, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Coral Glam

the car saga continues! our friend drove it back here... but during the drive the check engine light came on! so, tomorrow it goes to our mechanic down here... hopefully, he'll take care of it. i'm wondering whether or not we should just buy a new car... but i hate to put a whole country's worth of miles on a new car! sheesh!

today's Layla Hologram Effect polish is Coral Glam... a nude holo! it's a gorgeous light peach with such a strong holographic flash... um, awesome! super exciting for me is that it really matches my skin tone and gives me mannequin hands :D this one is more sheer than the previous two i've reviewed, it took three coats to make this one fully opaque. i used the buffer alone and didn't use the shine side of the buffer or any type of base coat... i liked that i got a full day of wear out of Layla Flash Black using that method! i did have significant tip wear when i woke up, so one day is all you'll probably get out of this mani (at least using this method for the base!).

i have to say, i'm totally loving this collection... if only top coats didn't dull the amazing holo, the collection would be perfect!  Happy Friday!! Ria :)

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