Thursday, May 3, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Flash Black

yesterday's car troubles have yet to be resolved... our friend picked up the car... but it soon did the exact same thing it did yesterday! so, back to the shop. the mechanic thinks he knows what's wrong now... but, somehow i'm not encouraged! *le sigh* it will all work out, i suppose!

today's Layla Hologram Effect is Flash Black, a gorgeous black holo. it really looks more steel greY than black, due to all the holo goodness! it's an amazing color, it really looks like spilled car engine oil when the sun hits it. the holographic element in these polishes do not show nearly as much indoors... which is a bummer. today i did not use any base coat, i just buffed my nails with a coarse buffer and didn't shine them at all. i'm happy to report i'm not experiencing all the chipping and peeling that i did with Seche Vite as a base. however, i also did not move furniture and dremel dogs' toenails today like i did yesterday... so i'm sure that's part of it! i do see a tiny bit of tip wear, but no chips! on to the swatchies :)

i can't tell you how happy i am that tomorrow is Friday... Fridays have to be good days, right? Ria :)

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