Monday, May 14, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Jade Groove

the packers are packing away and i'm in my mom's room with my dogs swatching! for the next month or so you will be seeing my unseen right hand... i reached down next to a wall last night and ripped off my middle fingernail on my left hand way down into the meaty part! >.< i can't tell you how mad i was! so, i'll be using my right hand because nobody wants to see nastiness like that in swatchie. this hand is more beat up (i'm extremely right hand dominant) and the cuticles are never going to look as good... so, i apologize!! i will get back to the official swatching hand as soon as possible :)

today's Layla Hologram Effect is Jade Groove. it's a very light minty green so i'm not sure why they chose to call it Jade! it's another beauty, none of this collection disappoints. i had to use three coats to get rid of all the bald spots... but that's because i used Orly Nailtrition as a base... don't do that! most of the nails did self level after awhile... it's going to be a waiting game to see if you need an extra coat. while Nailtrition is an awesome basecoat for normal polish, it caused horrible dragging, clumping, and balding with this holo... yuck.

i'm having trouble capturing the beauty of these holographic polishes when using my right hand as the model... they are much more beautiful than any picture can capture! Ria :)

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