Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Mermaid Spell

well, the packers didn't finish today, so they're coming back tomorrow >.< ...  that's along with all the other eight million things i have to do to get ready to leave! i can't wait until we are off on our journey!!

today we have the final polish in Layla's Hologram Effect collection, Mermaid Spell. it's a beautiful light blue with a super strong linear holo. i used three coats for full opacity, but i am painting my right hand with my left hand so i'm not at my most dexterous. i didn't use a base coat at all, i think the polish definitely applies best that way! it's the smoothest when nail are thoroughly buffed before application, but since my nails are out of control i don't want to thin them out even more with a buffer!

one of the issues with these polishes is clearly illustrated on my index finger... any flaws are glaringly obvious!  you are easily able to see how badly the tip of that nail is peeling... such a bummer. would any of you like me to do a post that gives an overview of the whole collection (covering bases, application techniques, etc)? Happy Wednesday! Ria :)


  1. Oh how I love holos! I have way too many and still not enough!


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