Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 28, 2012 Ulta Haul!

we made it to Monterey today! we got in too late to get into our new place, so we're in a hotel for the night. it's one of the nicest ones we've stayed at, it's great to end the adventure on a happy note :)

today i'm sharing yesterday's haulage... everything but Arizona is clearance! i was excited to find a Barielle polish for $0 .99... the perfect price to test out a new (to me!) brand. i tried to take off the ugly orange stickers... but they are terrible ones that ripped off and left loads of sticky white paper behind... so i figured, what the heck, the orange at least reminds me i bought them on sale! and when polish is on sale, it hardly even counts as a purchase... right? :D

and, all by itself, the elusive Zoya Arizona!

well... i just remembered that the L'oreal (Silver Sparkle!) isn't clearance either, but it's a new collection so i just had to have it! you all know how that goes, right? Ria :)

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