Friday, May 11, 2012

Packing, Swatching, Hospitals... Rough On The Nails!

hey, everyone! i decided to give a little update about my 'real' life... this post won't have any reviews, but i did go to the Ulta in my area today to see their clearance (which they didn't have!) and bought some Orly and the Zoya Surf collection; the photo will be at the end!

my life changed pretty dramatically last year because i was diagnosed with seizures and was no longer allowed to drive. since then, i've been seen by quite a few doctors who couldn't get the spells to stop... and i spent this past week as an inpatient on an epilepsy ward hooked up to EEG and video monitoring, waiting for a spell so that the doctors could actually 'see' one happening. here's what my nails looked like when i arrived at the hospital... pretty rough just from packing for my move across country!

i was lucky enough to have an amazing roommate, so we were able to have a good time, even though we were stuck in hospital beds! i used the time to do some swatching... not as much as i should have, though... chatting and watching tv was definitely more fun :) i finally did have a spell... but nothing showed up on the EEG, so the doctors concluded i was and am not having seizures and there is not an electrical problem in my brain. it's good news... but i'm so frustrated because they still have no idea what the spells are! i'm now cleared to drive, which is wonderful... but i sold my car last year because i wasn't allowed to drive legally because of the 'seizures'...  i'm so mad because they don't make that Mazda3 body type anymore! i know i'm wallowing a bit... i'll perk up and stick to the positive in a few days :) here's the current tragedy of my swatch hand!

after i finish getting swatches prepared for my trip, i think i'm going to have to nubbinize all my nails... HORRORS! however, after all the trauma they've been through lately, they need a fresh start. tomorrow i will be back to polish reviews, i'll finish off today with my new Ulta haul... hope you all have an outstanding weekend! Ria :)

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