Saturday, May 26, 2012

Zoya Reagan

we logged major miles today, plowing through Iowa, Nebraska, and finally stopping after we were well into Wyoming. we ate at a steak place... it's crazy to say this, but i actually got a better steak at the Texas Roadhouse we ate at in Indiana! that's not supposed to be how it works :D i'm bummed because we haven't found any places yet to buy Indian jewelry... hopefully we'll stumble across some soon... i LOVE their jewelry!

today we have a polish that is, in fact, from the Zoya Beach collection, Reagan. it's a beautiful berry creme that is opaque in two easy coats. it's not a super unique color by any stretch, but it's got a great formula and is a good choice if you're in the market for a berry! it dries nice and shiny, but i did add my obligatory coat of Seche Vite :)

i'm so very ready to be settled into my new home... we should be signing the paperwork on our townhouse after the long weekend... it will be nice to actually have an address! hope everyone's having a great weekend! Ria :) 

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