Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zoya Tracie

great news... we have a home! we went and looked around the complex and finally chose our unit... we lucked out because a previous tenant had improved the fence, so now it's more dog friendly than the regular ones :D my dog Jasper is pretty unsure of the whole thing... he's had major, major changes in the last few weeks... but he is going to love his little piece of yard!

Zoya Tracie is today's review from the Beach collection! it's a light green shimmer with strong yellow undertones. the shimmer is very understated, it just gives a little extra life to polish in the sun :) the formula is good, but a little gloopy. i made a mistake on my ring finger, that one has three coats; all the rest have two for full opacity!

two coats Tracie (three on ring!), one coat Seche Vite.

my ring finger looks a little wonky still... i edited out the big lumps i had made at the side... i don't know how mani's can get so out of control sometimes! it still doesn't look quite right, but much more normal than it did! when i'm swatching, i don't want to redo the whole nail if i can fix the mistake in editing... anyone else do that? Ria :)

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