Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012 Haulage!

ran errands today, fun stuff! the great thing about running errands, though... browsing through cosmetics sections :) i'm pretty excited over what i got... some stuff on clearance... three Maybelline Color Show polishes (i accidentally bought their version of a crackle thinking it was just a purple polish... so that will be getting reviewed, too!)... and my favorite purchase... the five polishes out from Orly Flash Glam FX!

i think i'm going to be swatching the Glam FX over black... i'm definitely not doing them over naked nails, that would be scary! my nails are, sadly, very stained. does it feel like Friday to anyone else? i can't believe there are still two days left in the week! Ria :)


i'd love to hear from you guys! let me know if you have any questions or advice :)