Thursday, June 14, 2012

OPI Gold Shatter over Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Parrot

we ate at California Pizza Kitchen tonight and found out that they don't carry Bruschetta anymore! i'm majorly bummed because that is one of my favorite foods and it's very difficult to find. i guess i'm just going to have to start making it at home! :)

i decided to refresh yesterday's Sally Hansen Parrot mani by slapping on a coat of OPI Gold Shatter. i do still love the crackles! this one does best with a fairly thick application and using as few brushstrokes as possible... if you can get by with one, that's perfect! the gold is much less in your face than other shatters, depending on what color you pair it with, it can actually look quite chic.

one coat Gold Shatter, one coat Seche Vite.

i'm not super happy with today's photo, but i had to use my right hand as the model because i managed to royally screw up my left! it was a case of... well, that's a little boo boo, let me just... OH, NO. whoops! Ria :)

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