Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orly Mermaid Tale

i'm happy to report that i found a place today that makes excellent Margherita pizza! it's so perfect that i don't even need to find a place that serves bruschetta anymore :D i can't even begin to express how delighted (and full!) i am right now!

i'm super excited to review Orly Mermaid Tale today, it's part of their Flash Glam FX collection. it's a super dense green glitter with large hex particles and tiny round (i think!) particles. there is also large holographic hex particles... totally adding to the mermaid effect! this is only one coat, it will definitely be easy to get this glitter opaque on its own (spoiler... unlike the rest of collection!). because it is so dense with glitter pieces, this formula is a bit gloopy, make sure to use an easy hand!  i really wish they would have named it Mermaid Tail... i guess they were going for a pun thing? but it really does look like gorgeous shiny scales that a mermaid might have!

the one coat is over Maybelline Color Show Blue Freeze, i still had it on from my last post and decided it would make a great base for this glitter! the glitters in this polish are super shiny, they catch any light and sparkle like crazy :)

one coat Orly Nailtrition, two coats Maybelline Blue Freeze, one coat Mermaid Tale, one coat Seche Vite.

did anyone watch the new Burn Notice tonight? how crazy was that ending?! Ria :)


  1. Mermaid Tale is sooo beautiful! I cannot contain my excitement for this collection!

    1. i can't believe 17 more colors will be coming out... WOOHOO!


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