Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme

this morning was drama filled, as my mom woke me up to tell me there was a guy with a rifle outside in his yard shooting at something. if we lived in the country, that might be one thing... but we live in an apartment complex! so we called the police non-emergency line... no one was very concerned about it which really irritated me. it looked like the guy was shooting the moles that live around here (turns out he was, he got one :( ) and that it was probably a BB gun... but what if one of those things missed and hit my dogs?! i was not a happy camper. the police finally came, and the guy was actually shooting while they were there, so the cops saw him in action... and told him he couldn't do that, that you can't even use a slingshot in Monterey County (this is California!). AND the cops told them that we were the ones who tattled... so, i'm sure they are pretty ticked off. which is okay, i was pretty ticked that he was shooting in the direction of my yard!

today we are checking out one of my personal favorite products, Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Creme. i got this product as a free sample with some Salon Manicure polishes i bought... i wasn't too enthused but thought i'd give it a go since it was free. i'm so glad i did because i love it!! it really helps to moisturize my dry cuticles AND i can use it right before taking swatchie pictures because it sinks in immediately and isn't shiny at all. don't like for my hands to be shiny or to feel greasy, and this stuff is great at not doing those things :) my only complaint is the scent... i'd prefer something other than citrus. however, it's light enough that as long as you don't keep your fingers under your nose, you're not going to smell it! it claims on the tube to give 24 hour moisture... it doesn't do that for me, but i do tend to have dry hands, so it might last longer on someone else.

i got these free gifts with polishes i bought on clearance so i still have several unopened bottles... but once i use them up i plan on buying the full size! i was definitely the target market for this free gift... any of you get things for free in trial size that you now purchase in full size? Ria :)

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