Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 Cosmoprof Day 2... Products to Review!

oh, man... it's good to be home! i guess it's good i came home yesterday because i got sick last night... i think my body was just really tired. we took Jewels to obedience school tonight, and the fact that i've been gone most of the week really showed... we didn't do very well! we'll have to work really hard this week so we can catch back up with the rest of the class.

i'm still not feeling 100%, so i'm going to post pictures today of the products i received for review the second day of Cosmoprof. i'm still in shock over how generous the companies were and i can't wait to get into reviewing everything! if you see something you'd like reviews on sooner than others, just comment below :)

here's the massive jumble...

and the nail stuff!!

in the top right corner you can see the famous Sticks 'n Stones... i'm so excited to try out such a sought after polish! the hair care products i'm super excited about trying are the Rusk Deep Shine line... at least i think those are what i'm going to use first, i have a lot to choose from and they all look so awesome! 

i miss all the new friends i made at Cosmoprof... meeting so many wonderful people was the absolute best part of the whole conference! Ria :)

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