Monday, July 9, 2012

Basically... Orly Nailtrition

i'm well and truly bummed. Wendy's had started carrying macaroni and cheese... and it was AWESOME! however, my husband went to buy it for me today... and they don't have it anymore. booo on you, Wendy's  :(

today's Basically... post is taking a look at Orly Nailtrition. this is the base coat that i've been using for months, so i'm ready to do a review! it's nice because it comes in the Orly bottle so it gives you an extra .1 fl oz more than you'd get with most brands. it's easy to place on the nail because it's pink and pearly while wet, then dries to a medium finish... not matte, definitely not shiny. it helps some polishes to go on more smoothly; however, it seems to cause others to drag a little. since my nails shred so badly (more on that soon!), i can't really say if it helps polish not to chip, because my polish chips constantly. it definitely makes polish removal a much easier process, though!

on to the bigger claims. Nailtrition is supposed to be a 'Nail Strengthening & Growth Treatment' (as per the bottle). i have to say, i haven't seen any difference with either the strength or growth of my nails... which is super disappointing! i have this on my nails almost constantly, so it's definitely not a question of my using it consistently.

the bottle!

i had such high hopes for this base coat... i sincerely wish i had achieved better results with it! please let me know below of other treatments to try... i'll give them a go and then review them (hopefully with strong, long nails :D )! Monday's over, on to the rest of the week! Ria :)


  1. I like to use Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Strengthener in Clear. A couple nails peeled a little (odd because my nails are usually strong) a few months ago, but now they're back to health! (Also helps that I stopped painting them weekly for a while to speed up the process.)

    1. i'll give that one a try! i know my crap nails aren't helped by the fact that they are painted at least once a day... but i *sadly* have always had peely lame-o nails!

  2. O.P.I. Nail Envy Original Formula made my nails grow long and strong. You should try it!


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